New Life Series Subject And Cast

Hi, this article will tell you about the New Life series.
We will provide detailed information about the subject and cast of the series.
So we'll be able to see what kind of series it is and get an idea of what's going to happen in the following episodes.

Yeni Hayat Dizi İncelemesi - Fragman Tadında

The New Life series was said to be an adaptation of Bodygurd but the similarities with the BBC's ‘Bodyguard’ series turned out to be purely coincidental.
The screenwriter of the series explained that the sanarium was prepared in 2015 and that he had documents proving it.
The New Life series, written by Elif Usman and directed by Başak Soysal and Cem Özüduru, was produced by a Crow Seven Pictures, a Red Arrow Studios company, is taking over Turkey.
Starring Serkan Çayoğlu, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Tayanç Ayaydın and Nilperi Şahinkaya, the new life will be broadcast on Kanal D screens.

The subject goes something like this.

It all starts with a job opportunity facing captain Adam, who has left the Special Forces.
The doors of a new life have been opened to the happy core family that Adam formed with his wife Nevin and their little daughter Ece.
All Adam has to do is protect Timur's young wife Jasmine, a wealthy and powerful businessman.
After all the dangerous operations he's been involved in for Adam, an old maroon beret, it's almost like a piece of cake.
Nevin is happy that they will finally be comfortable.
When Adam accepts the job offer, he and his family step into a whole different world, where they are strangers.
Adam and Jasmine, who are people of different worlds and whose diametrically opposed aims clash, initially approach each other with hatred.
It would be a terrible surprise for both of them if this hatred turned into a great, passionate love. It's an impossible love.
Coming together means destroying a home on one hand and drawing all the rage of a cruel and powerful man on the other.
But love is an emotion fueled by impossibilities. Adam and Jasmine, despite all their efforts, can not escape succumbing to love.
While Adam's wife, Nevin, is forced to discover how far she can go to protect her family, not to lose her husband.
The test of Adam and Jasmine is love, while the test of Nevin and Timur is betrayal.
Life is full of tests, and our characters have kept secrets, lies, betrayal from each other throughout this story., they will be tested by love and hate, and will realize that both they and their closest relatives are not who they think they are., he will question who they really are, what they want from life, change and eventually, albeit in painful ways, they will know each other and themselves better, and find their true selves.

If you want more details, this video shows all the characters in the series on Serhat Uzunkök's YouTube channel.


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