Life Of Esin Civangil

Who is Esin Civangil And Where Is She From?

Esin Civangil was born on 12 July 1982 in Kocaeli.
He spent his childhood in Bodrum.
He's a crab.He is 1.71 tall and 59 pounds.
He is a film and TV actor.

From the moment she started acting, she received modeling offers from many agencies besides acting with her long height, smooth physique and beauty, but she said at the time that everyone should do their job and therefore she did not accept modeling offers and focused on acting.

She began her acting career with the TV series bread boat, which aired in 2002. She played the character Jale in the series and became quite well known for her role. Then world of Secrets, Big Date, Blue Dream, What Do You Mean, back row, my mother is an angel, do you have the courage to love, heart thief, Pusat
he starred in such serials.
Especially in 2014, the character of Kamuran portrayed in the TV series Güzel Köylü won the audience's appreciation and
he has captured his second major debut in his acting life.

He has also appeared in many motion pictures to date. She has been featured in many films such as safety girl, hometown stories, you can not destroy my home, go where Kadrinin takes you, how, the colorful rains, let alone with Temel in Istanbul, see death, Happy Birthday Abla.
In 2019,she also appeared in 4 Motion Pictures titled hapless Bedri,undiscovered children, you smell like my daughter, right back.

He gave life to the character Neslihan in his series Waiting For Spring, which last aired on white TV screens.


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