İs Yasin Obuz married? Unknowns About

Who is the Yasin Obuz we know through MasterChef and Survivor competitions? Life And Unknowns

How much weight did Yasin lose on Obuz Survivor? How old is he and what is his sign? Is he married or single? Where's his shop? This is the life of Yasin Obuz with his unknowns!

Yasin Obuz, who has always given himself various nicknames but is best known in the virtual world as Hurşit Binboğa, was born on November 21, 1988 in Diyarbakir.

Quite similar to John Travolta's youth, Yasin Obuz is 1.83 tall, 92 pounds (he gave close to 20 pounds in Survivor 2020) and is a scorpion.
The question of whether he is married has always been debated, but he is not married now. His family lives in Antalya.

He speaks like a Cypriot, but Yasin Obuz is originally from Diyarbakir.
Since he shared the same house with a Cypriot friend for 6 years, the way he spoke turned into the way a Cypriot person spoke.He also lived abroad for a long time, so his dialect was quite impaired.

Yasin Obuz, who has 3 siblings, has been playing sports since childhood and is extremely hyperactive.The first sports license came out in 1998.
He played football as an amateur and professionally. Besides that, he played Gymnastics for 2 years as a child, and also played volleyball and basketball. He studied at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Hacettepe University, Ankara. During his college years, he practiced fitness as a sport. He coached for a while afterwards.

In college, he became interested in the kitchen and began learning to cook. Yasin, who realized he was happy while cooking, also lived in Russia for a period.
He toured approximately 20 countries. He observed the culinary cultures, fun styles and living styles of the countries he went to.

Yasin Obuz, who lives in Istanbul today, has his own restaurant called Buum be pilav mussel in a very crowded place in Sirkeci, Istanbul.
It is right next to the shop of Ali Usta, the famous Raw Meatball player.

Yasin Obuz, who is also close friends with Taner Tolga Tarlacı, one of the well-known names of Survivor, participated in the Food Contest before,
He pushed his opponents hard in several contests.Prior to this competition, he was also in the program Kismetse Olur.

More unknown information. Yasin Obuz actually also did acting.
Directed by Bilal Kalyoncun, he appeared in the cast of the film Gin - si Bozuk, which was released on September 6, 2019, starring Yasin Obuz
However, the program that mainly introduced Yasin Obuz to all of Turkey was the Masterchef Turkey competition, which he participated in in 2019.

Yasin Obuz surprised everyone while many viewers were waiting to be disqualified and learned the tricks of cooking quickly from the chefs without making much of an incident in the competition and managed to hold on until the later stages of the competition.

Batuhan Bayir was eliminated from the competition in the qualifying pot, but in this competition he made a very high quality friend like Alican Sabunsoy. He also gained the love of the children through his actions throughout the competition and the nicknames he wore to himself and the shouting of saying bum.

He recently participated in the Survivor 2020 contest, which was broadcast on tv 8, by taking part in the Volunteers ' team, and put his first nickname as the 2020 Dominican Mayor.

She recently changed the name of her Instagram account with the advice of Acun Ilıcali and made it yasinobuzofficial. The number of followers increased considerably due to Survivor 2020 and its change of user name. Blue click official Instagram account has 653 thousand followers as of the moment this article was prepared.


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