Introduction To The First Corona Virus Film | Taste Of Corontina - 19 Trailer

Hello. In this article we will talk about the film CORONTINA-19.

Türkiye'nin İlk Korona Virüs Filmi | Corontina - 19 Fragman Tadında Tanıtım  - YouTube

Filming of Turkey's first feature film on corona virus has been completed.
Produced by Bilal Kalyoncu, directed by Can SARCAN, written by Koray Yeltekin, cast by Ayşe Akın, Kaan Yilmaz, Adem Yilmaz, Ceren Akdağ, Melih Değirmenci, Özüm Çakır, Serhat Sümer, Selçuk Yapar, Volkan Güleç
The filming of' Corontina19 ' is complete.

The film crew completed filming within 3 weeks on Days of curfew restrictions,
most of the shooting took place on Taksim-Istiklal Street.
The film, whose trailer has yet to be released and which many are curious about, was shot in English.
The subject of the film, which is scheduled to be released in autumn, is as follows::
8 contestants from around the world, without communications with the outside world,
in a house full of cameras, they enter a race for the grand prize of $ 1 million.
They are forced to leave the competition house after the unusual circumstances they experience.
When they go out, they will face a world far different from the one they left.
Victoria Walker (Ayşe akin) fights a huge battle with the other contestants to learn the truth and survive.
As this race, which started to win the grand prize, turns into a struggle for survival for the contestants, I wonder if all of this is part of the format.


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