Famous Actor Faruk Sofuoğlu Opens YouTube Channel

Veteran actor Faruk Sofuoğlu, known as Kasap Bahtiyar from the Eighties series, opened a YouTube channel.

Today, many famous players have taken their place on YouTube platform and still continue to receive. In fact, social media is sometimes a necessity because we do not see many celebrities on television and in cinemas, especially during the pandemic period. However, the fact that the number of channels on YouTube is too high compared to before has brought a more serious challenge to this work.

Faruk Sofuoğlu Opens YouTube Channel
In the whole process, another artist said hello to the YouTube platform. Veteran actor Faruk Sofuoğlu recently opened a YouTube channel in his name.

He shot his first video with a self-described humorous video and said ‘hello’. In his second video, he also touched on the subject of ‘bagels in embers’. Faruk Sofuoğlu, with his witty narration that appeals to the younger generation called Generation Z, looks like he will succeed on YouTube.

Faruk Sofuoglu reacted harshly to the recent Women's murders with a video he prepared.

We would like to thank him for reacting to this issue with a video with the identity of the theatergoer and for increasing the sensitivity of the subject.

In the meantime, the master player will continue to share seriously YouTube, theater, as well as the YouTube channel will also publish fun videos here let's be announced to you. It is almost certain that we will see many famous names on the channel, especially since it has a large artistic circle. I would like to remind you as a footnote that you have already managed to watch your videos by making a quick introduction. You can subscribe to the channel if you don't want to be deprived of this content. dizianaliz.com as a master player, we wish you continued success.

Faruk Sofuoğlu's first video

Faruk Sofuoğlu Official YouTube Channel address


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