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The series industry continues to experience interesting developments. With the influence of the series broadcast on digital platforms, television channels have recently started to have difficulty watching the series. For this reason, many series made the final and many series are going to the lineup changes.

Cast Members Who Left The Series Don't Leave Me
I loved you once, which was recently broadcast on Star TV screens, after completely changing the cast of the series, one of the series whose cast changed greatly was ATV's daily series ‘Don't leave me’.

The series, which has a unique audience and is shot in Ankara, will continue with a new cast in the new season.
Some of the departed players have confirmed their departure from their social media accounts, while some remain silent.

Filming of the series, which will feature new characters in the new season, is expected to begin next month.
There's talk of 7 players leaving the show.
In fact, it is claimed that there are 9 players in many series of news sites, but we will explain the names described with the highest accuracy respectively in our article. The cast members who left the series respectively are the following names.

(Emre) character portraying Berkay Veli
Merve Üçer who portrays the character (Elif)
(Laurel) eminent Çiğdem Akın who gave life to his character
Dilek Aribal who gave life to the character (Jade)
(Banu) cansunur Şimşek cannenen character
(Özge) character portraying Canın Yılmaz
And finally, Orhan Kocabıyık, who appeared in the series with the character Kudret, left the series.
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