Who Is Canten Kaya From Where?

Who is Canten Kaya, who has also recently been featured in YouTube videos, and where is he from? How old is he and what does he do? What is the YouTube and Instagram address? It is a biography article with detailed information about.

Who Is Canten Kaya? Biography
Canten Kaya is a motivational speaker, writer, communicator, mass educator and YouTuber.
He is one of Turkey's most beloved speakers, especially when it comes to mass speech.

Canten Kaya, who is positively reconciled with his name, has difficulty from time to time due to his name.

Many people who hear the name Canten think she is a woman and are surprised to see her.
1970 Balıkesir was born and is Balıkesirli.
He is married, of a nomadic family, and his mother's maiden name is Canten.
Yet he stated in a seminar that he had never considered changing his name.

He is the founder of the influential human Academy and introduces himself as Turkey's No. 1 mass Speaker.
He travels around the province, providing remarkable and entertaining training in the fields of leadership, management, communication, conscious educator and parent training, individual and institutional change.

Canten Kaya, who couldn't talk to the girl he loved because of his stuttering in Junior High School, beat his stuttering after 18 years of living and then his life became a success story.
It's a great achievement to become one of the most recognized speakers in the country when you're a stammer.

A graduate of Anadolu University Public Relations, he has started working as a communication specialist and educator in human resources companies since 1998. He is a graduate of Theology Department of September 9 University and has taught a religious culture course for one semester.

Education at PDA consulting, private institutions, public institutions and non-governmental organizations; effective communication, customer-saving trainings in communication and family communication issues in a highly entertaining style has given remarkable and satisfaction guaranteed.

The most remarkable aspect is that he tries to eliminate the concept of “boring and sleeping environments” that comes to mind when he says seminars in Turkey and turns his education into a fun one. His seminars are in a stand-up mood.

He is often employed in organizations where the number of participants is high.
With its entertaining presentation, it has contributed to the development and awareness of 40 thousand teachers with its work in more than 60 National Education Departments, over 1 million parents with its hundreds of trainings in 81 provinces of Turkey, and 72,000 students with its conferences in 97 universities. Of course, it is worth reminding that these numbers are constantly increasing.

Canten Kaya, who uses the internet and social media well as a communicator, also has a personal website and many social media accounts.
As of the time this article was prepared, his YouTube account has 239 thousand subscribers and his videos have reached a total of 28 million.
His Instagram account also has 69 thousand followers.

Kaya shared her knowledge as a guest educator on various television channels from time to time, she was the presenter of programs called “Checkmate” on Kanal Aegean and “Good Day to bad day” on Kanal 1.
He has also co-presented the program there's everything in life on white TV with Nur Viral.

There are also numerous books by Canten Kaya, whose biggest dream is to raise entrepreneurial youth.

YouTube address


Instagram address https://www.instagram.com/cantenkaya/

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