Bay Yanlis Series Players And Characters

Hi, this article will talk about the new series of Can Yaman's Bay Yanlis.
We will introduce you to all the characters and actors in the series.
If you wish, you can also access our article as a video from Serhat Uzunkök channel.

Bay Yanlis Is The Subject Of The Series And Its Actors-Who Is Who In The Series? The Taste Of The Trailer
Produced by Gold film, directed by Deniz Yorulmazer, screenplay by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin,
starring Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, which actors will portray which characters in the series “Mr. false”?
How are the characters in the series waiting for the audience and what will happen in the series? we'll talk about things like that. Let's start from the beginning so that it doesn't cause any misunderstandings.,
the stories are the characters in the series.

Can Yaman, Can Yaman portrays the character Özgür Atasoy in the series.

Özgür Atasoy Can Yaman

Free, rich, but living a shabby life, does not believe in Love Restaurant Bar owner.
Ozgur , in his early thirties, lost faith in love and women, experienced Unitarian relationships,
like his name, he is a free man, a handful, an adrenaline junkie, a rich, well-educated, handsome man.
He is the owner and operator of a popular restaurant bar in Istanbul. He's an Aquarius. His logic is at the forefront of his election.

Özge Gürel, Özge Gürel gives life to the character Ezgi inal in the series.

Ezgi İnal Özge Gürel

Ezgi is a natural, beautiful girl in her early thirties who likes to live an unpretentious, ordinary life. He's a Taurus.
She is now a woman who is tired of wrong relationships and wants to have a proper relationship and get married.
Ezgi grew up in a small city and came to Istanbul for university studies and never returned.
He graduated with a degree in public relations. He's a devoted, honest man who tries to help everyone around him.
She's a dreamer, driven more by emotion than logic. Free to see that Ezgi is not successful in relationship matters,
he starts mentoring her about relationships and giving her tactics to get the man she likes.
Ozgur and Ezgi, who live in neighboring houses, will fall in love with each other in time.

Fatma Toptaş, Fatma Toptaş portrays the character Cansu Akman in the series.

Cansu Akman Fatma Toptaş

Cansu is Ezgi's cousin. She is a well-groomed, 35-year-old woman who cares about her appearance.
He's the Public Relations Officer for a hospital. He's good at his job, he's communicative, he's social.
He is with Dr. Levent, one of the partners of the hospital where he works. He's Aries.

Cemre Gümeli, Cemre Gümeli, Deniz Koparan portrays the character. So let's tell immediately what kind of character The Sea is.

Deniz Koparan Cemre Gümeli

Deniz is Ezgi's childhood friend. Deniz, who is in his early 30s, works as a lawyer at Turkey's leading law firm.
His goal is to rise in his business and he works hard for it. She was disappointed by the bad marriage she had been through and closed herself to love.
He's a scorpion. He's ambitious. It is cold and distant to people outside its immediate surroundings. He's especially secretive to men.

Gürgen Öz, Gürgen Öz, Levent Yazman portrays the character.

Levent Yazman Gürgen Öz

Levent is Cansu's boyfriend. He is a highly successful plastic surgeon in his 40s.
He is also a partner of the hospital where he works. He is well-groomed, meticulous and perfectionist. He has a daughter named Zeynep at the age of 9 from his first marriage.
The negativity he experienced in his first marriage and his fondness for his daughter prevented him from marrying again. Leo.

Serkay Tütüncü, Serkay Tütüncü, plays the character of Ozan Dinçer.

Ozan Dinçer Serkay Tütüncü

Ozan, in his early 30s, is a handsome, friendly positive person.
He is the successful chef of the restaurant owned by Ozgur and is also a close friend of Ozgur.
Unlucky relationships in his personal life Bard does not lose faith in love. He's reliable, fun, social and emotional. He's a crab.

Sarp can Köroğlu, Sarp Can Köroğlu, Serdar Öztürk portrays the character.

Serdar Öztürk Sarp Can Köroğlu

Serdar is a handsome, successful obstetrician in his early 30s.
He has a career and is the son of a wealthy family. He's ambitious, he does what he thinks, he's competitive.
He is someone who gets into the details and always wants to have the best in everything, can be arrogant at times and, if necessary, lies.
Although he believes in love, he has a character who always puts his logic ahead of his interests. Capricorn.
He's always his own priority, he's comfortable, he's tight-lipped.

Taygun Sungar portrays the outstanding character of Taygun Sungar, Soner.

Soner Seçkin Taygun Sungar

Soner is Ezgi's ex. He works as a representative in a pharmaceutical company.
He is a narcissist, a hypocrite who likes to be at the forefront, who makes himself look different than he is, and who can change character according to his interests and act accordingly.

Feri Baycu Güler, Feri Baycu Güler, portrays the character Nevin Yilmaz.

Nevin Yılmaz Feri Baycu Güler

Nevin is Ezgi's mother. After the divorce, Nevin had an unfortunate relationship and finally found happiness in Ünal and married.
She's a woman of love, she's fun, she's modern. He runs a breakfast House in Bursa with his wife Ünal. Sagittarius. He loves to have fun and travel.

Suat Sungur, Suat Sungur gives life to the character Ünal Yilmaz in the series.

Ünal Yılmaz Suat Sungur

Ünal is Nevin's wife. She had her first marriage to Nevin. He has no children, but he loves Ezgi like his own daughter.
He worked as a cook on cruise ships for many years. When he falls in love with Nevin, he chooses a more orderly life, quits his job, and opens a breakfast house with Nevin.
He is a man who is witty, romantic, positive, enjoying every moment of his life. He's a Gemini.

Lale Başar, Lale Başar portrays the character Sevim Atasoy in the series.

Sevim Atasoy Lale Başar

Sevim is the mother of Özgür and Ebru. After his wife Nevzat died, he dedicated himself to children.
She is rich in real estate but also has vineyard Gardens left over from her husband. It allows them to be operated.
She is a tradition-bound, motherly, positive, caring and also obsessed woman. Virgo.

Anıl Çelik portrays the character of Anıl Çelik Emre Eren.

Emre Eren Anıl Çelik

Emre works as a bartender at the venue owned by Özgür. Fun, cute, he is funny.
He's social and active, he doesn't hesitate to flirt with people even though he's in a relationship. When it comes to their interests, the snake that doesn't touch me can say a thousand hooray.
He's a Gemini.

Kimya Gökçe Aytaç, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç portrays the character of Irem Doğan in the series.

İrem Doğan Kimya Gökçe Aytaç

Irem works as a lawyer in the same law firm as Deniz. She is beautiful, intelligent, ambitious and can be evil when necessary.
There is a fierce rivalry between him and Deniz. He sees men as more of a tool and it is not for him to have a serious long-term relationship.
His work is always at the forefront, he is capable of doing all sorts of things to rise up. He's a Pisces.

Ece Irtem, Ece Irtem gives life to the character Gizem Sezer in the series.

Gizem Sezer Ece İrtem

Gizem handles booking and customer reception at the venue, which is owned by Özgür.
His ideal is to be the Public Relations Officer of the new venue.
She is ambitious, manipulative, scheming, sly, insidious and cunning.
He has also liked Ozgur for a long time, but he does not reveal it to anyone. Capricorn.


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