I Explain the Inner Face of Enes Batur and Toy Hunt Event!

Hello. In this article we give information about change at the pinnacle of YouTube's Turkey you'll analyze issues.
1. Enes Batur not now Turkey's largest retail channel. The children's channel called Toy Hunt settled on the summit.
So how did one and such a change happen? What is the inside of the event? I will analyze it in all aspects and transfer it to you with this article.

There are many big channels on YouTube and these channels.
This race continues at full speed in subscribers as well as in likes, comments and views.
Enes Batur has been reported countless times both with the videos he shot, the number of views and the number of subscribers.
the impact of Turkey's largest individual channels to become one of the biggest reasons for the specifically made before the last song was great.
Because the most viewed on YouTube comes from the music category.
In addition to Enes Batur's YouTube channel, the presence of Enes Batur's films also increased the recognition of Enes Batur in the same way.
And of course, the countries became the largest individual channels provided it with an extra advantage.
Because it is certain that there are a lot of people who just wondered if this was the biggest channel and visited the channel.
However, as of April, news of Enes Batur's biggest channel has been published.
It is said that Enes Batur, who has a number of 12 million 700 thousand subscribers, has reached 14 million 200 thousand subscribers.
Well, if you say why these news didn't turn out to be 13 million, because the number of subscribers of the Toy Hunt channel since January 2019
it was private, and on 16 April 2020, the channel's subscribers were made public. But like say it everywhere
It is not possible to detect 'use it at once, become a huge subscriber'.
Yes, you are a subscriber, but it is not possible to determine that this subscriber increase is at a time when the number of subscribers is not public.
You can already see the number of views of the Toy Hunt channel from the Social Blade site, and it is possible to see that it is watched in regular figures, not bumpy.
However, asking certain questions about this issue and understanding whether some determinations are correct or not.
Here, of course, the comments of these determinations are yours again, I will only tell you the technical data in a neutral way ..

Question 1 is this. Is it possible for a child channel to reach such subscribers naturally right now?
Let's give the answer to this question immediately from the opposite angle. You cannot assign 8 million bot subscribers to any channel. Suppose you succeeded in some way. YouTube this
already notices. If you remember, there was a channel called the World of Salih Reis. That channel had similarly many subscribers, but was later closed.
If somehow this bot subscriber event has been accomplished, we will not see the channel in the coming days. However, if the situation is natural, YouTube does not interfere.
Question 2 is this. So, is it possible for the Toy Hunt channel to reach this subscriber number with these views? Yes it is possible but frankly looking at the normal course
it's a bit strange. Because Enes Batur's channel is watched more, it is just strange that the Toy Hunt channel passes it. It is possible but strange.
The third question is this. Madem Oyuncak Avı now has 14 million 200 thousand subscribers. Why can't a video they just shoot reach 100 thousand in a day?
Here we have come to the most important point now. So far, it is not possible to make very precise comments.
A law called COPPA law was recently introduced on YouTube. Child channels have been restricted in every respect since this law came into effect.
They can no longer use almost any feature that allows videos to be watched a lot. Most importantly, the notification feature is no longer available on these channels.
That is why when the child channels are throwing a new video, their videos cannot be promoted easily.
On top of that, the end screen and cards feature in these children's channels are now removed. Let's say a channel has 1 million videos watched 1 million a day.
When you put another video on the end screen and cards of these videos, that video is also watched a lot. This feature is the lifeblood of the channels.
This lifeblood is no longer available in children's channels. Since this COPPA law was introduced, many children's channels have officially hit the bottom. As such, a children's channel
1. quite interesting to be on the rise in Turkey through individual channels. Moreover, although most of his videos are heavily dissected.
The fourth and the most important question that no one can think of is this. A channel with a constantly rising subscriber traffic until it reaches 14 million 200 thousand subscribers.
Why does it stay stuck at 14 million 200 thousand and stop progressing? When you look at the data of Enes Batur in the last month, you can see that the number of subscribers increased by 300 thousand.
However, there has been no increase in the number of subscribers in the Toy Hunt channel for 1 month. Obviously, it does not seem to be a high subscriber increase in the future.
The 5th question is this. Was it really Toy Hunt canal Turkey's largest individual channel?
You might be surprised, but the answer is no.
Because even though the Toy Hunt channel looks like Turkish from outside, it is officially US channel. If the channel is officially Turkey Enes Batur channel.
When you look at Turkey at the summit that the channel list Toy Hunt and globally also passed, you can see that Anas pass Baturina in Turkey.

I tried to analyze the situation in all aspects. Of course, the comment is yours ...


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