Who is Youtuber Duygu Özaslan, how old is he? Where is Duygu Özaslan from?

Who is Duygu Özaslan? The answer to the question began to be investigated intensively in search engines. Duygu Özaslan, who is known for her make-up videos on Youtube, has become the subject of the agenda with her egg cooking video. The young phenomenon Duygu Özaslan's life is curious. Where is Duygu Özaslan from? You can find information about the answer to the question in our news.

When Duygu Özaslan did not remember the fried egg name, he became a mockery. In the kitchen, "Now I'm going to do the sunny side up, what's this in Turkish? Broken egg?" Özaslan, who is heard to say, took the player Nurgül Yeşilçay ti. Nurgül Yeşilçay made a video in response to Duygu Özaslan, 29, who responded on social media. "I'm going to make you French toast today. What is the French toast in Turkish? What are you saying, dirty poor people? Yeşilçay, who attracted attention with his words, drove the audience into laughter.

Özaslan was born in 1991 in Istanbul. Youtuber, who is 1.66 tall, is a coach and his weight is 47. While he was studying at the Department of Spanish Language and Literature at Istanbul University, he decided to leave his school because he was not satisfied with the department he was studying.
When the make-up videos shot by the insistence of her friends were liked in a short time, she decided to produce more products in this field and reached thousands of followers. He opened the first channel of Duygu Özaslan as "itsmeduygu", but when he started working professionally, he used his own name. The famous Youtuber was with Barış Taylan Demirige.


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