Who is Wilma Elles? Biography of Wilma Elles

Hello. Welcome to our informative article about Wilma Elles, who has done successful work in every project he has been in during his career.

He was born on October 18, 1986 in Cologne, Germany. He is a Libra. He is 1.77 tall and 59 kilos. Two of them have 4 brothers. Grandfather embassy
He made. Since his father was always working abroad, he traveled a lot and he knows six languages. They have twin children named Milat and Melodi.
Found in many cities such as Canada, Los Angeles, France, New York and Rome.
He started his theater and dance training at the age of 10. He graduated from the theater department of a school in Germany.
The artist, who is known to have a lot of interest in different cultures, also finished Islamic Sciences first in the Politics Department at the University of Cologne.
He loves and performs tennis, aerobics, surfing, basketball, cycling, skating, gymnastics, swimming sports.
He can sing beautiful songs.
Wilma Elles in Turkey until today has been involved in many films and television series.
In 2008, he starred in the movie "Turkish Style".
Between 2010 and 2013. It is a tolerable time series with Carolina in the portrayal of the character shining star players in Turkey Wilma Elles,
with his acting and sympathetic attitude, everyone was very interested in that period.
Wilma Elles was awarded the 2011 Best Actress award at the European Quality Awards and 2012 at the World Consumer Awards.
EMÖ Best Actress in 2013 and Golden Palmiye Best Actress in 2015 were awarded.
Turkey is known for his beloved Wilma Elles, he has never voiced at every opportunity as foreigners in Turkey were not met.
He became a Turkish citizen and a Muslim in 2016.
The German actor was so happy that he was a Turkish citizen at that time, as soon as he accepted Turkish citizenship,
He shared with his followers from his Instagram account.
In 2013-2014, he played the leading character Helga in TRT1 Love in Gurbette, and in 2015, he appeared on the screen with an agent role named Anita in Filinta.
In 2016, he played İdil, one of the leading characters in the Yeter series on the ATV channel.
In addition, he became a guest actor in the episode of “Arka Sıradakiler” related to Mardin, about 10 episodes were included in this series.
He took part in the movie "Çanakkale Children", shot in 2012. Nowadays, he started acting in the series Arka Sokaklar.


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