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Mesut Can Tomay was born on 2 June 1999 in Istanbul. He is originally from Kars by his father.
In one of his videos, he wanted to explain that his father was a hard temper, but it was thought to be misunderstood and that his father died.
He then had to go out and explain that his father was alive.
Until the age of 9, he was born and raised in the Yusufpaşa District of Kars, including the 2nd grade of primary education.
Although those who know him from YouTube made a big break out at once, this is definitely not a correct determination.
I want you to know that he has been trying to succeed since he was very young, and that he failed many times.
And while we are on the way to success, we know that it has been criticized by many people and still continues to be criticized.
Life is such friends. Someone criticizes only, and somebody constantly produces something. Anyway let's get back to our topic. Let's see what Mesut Can has produced?
He realized his first acting experience in 2012 with the series of Turkish exam with Space.
He was especially known for the vine videos he took before the TV and television world and the Talent Siziniz competition he participated in.
He has gained great acclaim with the imitations he made in the Talent Siziniz program, and managed to rise up to the semi-finals in the competition.
He also acted in Hom Office, Kördümüüm, Full Head TV series, Corruption Gang, Heredot Cevdet Saat, Mc Dandik, Second Chance, and Maiden's Golden Day.
However, he made his biggest release so far with his videos published on Ali Biçim on YouTube. He also shot videos with Enes Batur and many YouTubers.
He entered the world of youtube in 2019 and managed to attract the attention of high audiences with his sympathetic attitudes in a short time.
At the time of the preparation of this video, there are 911 thousand subscribers in Youtube video channel. Total views of his videos are around 22 million.
There are 628 thousand followers in the Instagram account. Mesut Can Tomay is a Gemini and is 1.74 tall.


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