Who is Ali Yasin Özegemen, the series of Injured Birds?

Ali Yasin Özegemen is a handsome model and actress.

Ali Yasin Özegemen, who was originally born in Konya, was born on May 30, 1989 and is 30 years old.

Yasin Özegemen, who has been playing basketball professionally for many years, then decides to become a model with his long length and handsomeness and leaves basketball.
Ali Yasin Özegemen, who studied Hospitality Management and Hotel Management at Muğla University, first entered the sector as a model.

If you wish, this video also tells about life

Ali Yasin Özegemen, who stayed in İzmir for a long time, worked as a model in Izmir Renaissance Agency.
Then entering the Big Brother selecting Turkey and fame for selected Ali Yasin Ozegemen door was opened quickly after that moment.
The handsome actor Ali Yasin Özegemen, who was originally a Thessaloniki immigrant, is his first acting experience.
He lived with the character of Yiğit, whom he gave life in the series Yedikule Hayat Yokuşu.
Later, he took part in the staff of the Doksanlar series, which broke ATV's records, and played a role as a mathematics teacher.
Nowadays, he plays the character of Levent in the series of Wounded Birds published daily.
He shares a leading role with Gizem Arıkan.


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