Turkish movie Mest-i Aşk will be in cinemas very soon!

Hello. In this article, I will talk about Mesti Aşk movie.

I prepared an article about the subject and actors of the movie Mest-i Aşk.

'Mest-i Aşk', which includes star names such as İbrahim Çelikkol, Selma Ergeç, Hande Erçel, Bensu Soral, Boran Kuzum and Burak Tozkoparan, has become a very talked movie before it has been released. The fact that Hande erçel will be in a movie for the first time increases the interest in the film.

There are actors from two different nationalities in the Turkish-Iranian co-production of 'Mest-i Aşk', where the famous director of Iranian Cinema, Hassan Fathi, sits in the director's chair.
Hesam Manzour, one of the most important actors of Iranian cinema, and Shahab Hosseini, who won the "Best Actor" award from Parsa Pirouzfar and Cannes Film Festival, are included in the film.
Parsa will portray Pirouzfar Mevlana, and Shahab Hosseini will act as Shamsi.
Since the history of the film, it has been the purest and most universal dimension of love from all over the world, a fan of their thoughts.
Mevlana's life story is about the subject.
In Mesti Aşk, Mevlana's friendship with Şems, who is the integrator of his ideas, will also be conveyed to the audience.
The general story of the movie is as follows
Chemistry Hatun is 18 years old and she was adopted by Mevlana and Kerra Hatun because she was left without a mother and father when she was a child.
Chemistry is a woman who has devoted to the teaching of Hatun Mevlana and is strong in terms of spirituality. Mevlana wants to bring together Chemistry Hatun and Şemsi, who are the two people he loves the most in life.
As I get to know Sems, his love grows bigger as he realizes the size of his heart, how high his spirituality is, and that he is more courageous than many young men.
The beautiful chemistry marries Shams, but soon after their marriage, Shams dies.

In the film, Alarandin Çelebi and Boran Kuzum, the younger son of Mevlana, and Chemical Hatun, Hande Erçel, are playing as their step-daughter.
On the other hand, İbrahim Çelikkol gives life to the character of İskender Bey, a commander who is committed to his state, nation and traditions.
Hz. Having met with Mevlana, İrfani had great contradictions on the way of love, and actually, he is fighting the biggest war with himself.
Well, what role will Bensu Soral be in front of the audience and let me convey him immediately. Bensu Soral will bring the character of Mary to life.
Meryem is the symbol of many young women who have experienced many evils that a young woman may experience in her life.
Mary will symbolize the concepts of love, longing, betrayal, honor and honor.
It is said that Bensu Soral portrays all phases of the character of Mary with a high performance.
In many news about the movie, with the great acting performance of Bensu Soral, in the hearts and souls of movie lovers.
It is emphasized that he will leave deep marks with the movie Mest-i Aşk.
Another actress in the movie is Selma Ergeç. Selma Ergeç is playing Kerra Hatun, the wife of Mevlana.
Mevlana's 22-year-old son, Sultan Velid, gives life to Burak Tozkoparan.
It is like a copy of the Sultan Velid Father spiritually and formally.
In human relationships, away from hardness, accommodating and loving, not leaving his father in conversations,
He was on the footsteps of his father, with a similarity that surprised them.

Mesti Aşk Film, produced by ENG Production Media and Simarya Film and written by Hasan Fathi and Farhad Tohidi, will be on display in 2020.


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