Turkey MasterChef 2020 When to Start? How to Apply for Season 3?

Hello, as you know in Turkey Masterchef TV screen it was published 8 2 season so far.

Now it's time for season 3. 2019 was a very bright year for Masterchef. That's why Acun Ilıcalı is very happy with the situation.

The fact that the majority of the contestants, especially Alican and Cemre, are characterful, kind and helpful in this season.
At the moment, my guess will be more on this contest in the new season.
Because, as you know, we are at a time when televisions are not being broadcast.
Tens of thousands of people are now applying to the contest. Applications for Season 3 have already started. In the meantime, let me tell you when the new season 3 will begin.
Acun Ilıcalı is not someone who likes to be very dependent on calendars. So, as soon as Survivor ends, the third season is very likely to be released, such as July-August.
Well, let me explain immediately how the application is made and how the process works. You can apply for the contest by filling out a form on the Acunn website.
However, fill out the form carefully. First of all, if you pay attention to the people who can take time for the competition, it is a competition with long-term shots.
priority is given. Always consider this when filling out the form. You need to be in Istanbul for the 2nd shot.
Therefore, it is worth noting that you can be in Istanbul during the competition. Your application is definitely under review.
It takes quite a long time to examine these applications, but it is absolutely under review. Then, if they deem you suitable, you will be contacted.
You are subjected to a preliminary speech and elimination. If you pass this first process, the chefs taste your food.
Afterwards, you either participate in the Competition or your dreams come to an end, but you should not give up here again.
Because some candidates who fail the tasting test of the chefs can be recalled later. The biggest example of this is Alican Sabunsoy. Alican was recalled later
A name that has reached the final. The only criterion is to be knowledgeable about cooking and cooking well. You don't have to be a good cook.
I think the best example of this is Yasin and Güzide. In the meantime, as a strict masterchef audience, my biggest recommendation to those who apply for the competition
Before you apply, be sure to learn about the biographies of the juries and know their meals like your surname.
Also, learn what has been done in past competitions. Because throughout the competition, we have repeatedly seen how effective this information is in winning the contests.
Make sure that you are very enthusiastic and ambitious in the application form. If you pay attention, the jury members competitors during the competition in the masterchef 2019 season.
He tried to get greedy because there was a big ambition problem except a few competitors.
Therefore, they will definitely choose more challenging and willing people to win the next season. Good luck Masterchef 2020 already.


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