The New Movie of Haluk Bilginer and Elçin Sangu is Coming 9 Times Leyla Cinema!

In this article, we will give information about the subject and actors of the 9 Times Leyla movie.

In addition to master actors Demet Akbağ and Haluk Bilginer in the cast of Ezel Akay.
'9 Times Leyla', featuring Elçin Sangu, Fırat Tanis and Alican Yücesoy, is one of the most anticipated films of this year.
The film, written by Adnan Yıldırım, Özlem Lale, Uğur Saatçi, Ezel Akay, is filmed in comedy and filmed in Istanbul.
It will be released very soon in Turkey.
In the film, Haluk Bilginer plays the character of Adam, a wealthy businessman.
Demet Akbağ takes part in the movie with the character of Adam's wife Leyla. In the role of Adam's lover Nergis, there is Elçin Sangu.
Her story is as follows.
Leyla and Adam have had a happy marriage for years. However, after a while, their marriage becomes a dead end.
The excitement in their marriage is now gone, and Adam falls into a love that causes his heart to beat again.
Adem, who falls in love with the woman named Nergis who comes across this period, cannot think of anyone other than Nergis.
However, Nergis, who took the mind of Adam, has no intention of moving to another life than the one-man world he founded.
Rich businessman Adam wants to end his marriage, but he is caught between his wife Leyla and his beloved Nergis.
In other words, this divorce has not been realized yet. Meanwhile, the fun story of the stay is in the movie.
Of course, Adam, who is between his wife and lover, experiences unexpected and funny events.
The comics are for the audience, not for Adam. While the audience laughs with laughter, Adam tries to overcome what has happened to him.


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