The Era Of Making Money By Uploading Videos With Yandex Zen Has Begun!

As you know, for years, Google has provided website owners, bloggers and YouTube content producers with the opportunity to generate revenue through ads
delivers. Although he has some rivals against him, so far he has had no rivals to shake his throne. But lately he owns a lot of sites and channels on YouTube
those who did complained that incomes had fallen drastically. And that's when Yandex went on the offensive. Normally Yandex already has the opportunity to monetize bloggers he did, but Yandex Zen bloggers will now be able to make money not only from the articles he writes, but from the videos he posts.
Moreover, the beautiful and different side of the work, both writing and shooting videos at the same time, you will be able to generate income from a single place.
Of course, there are conditions that content producers must meet for this. However, Yandex announced that it would provide convenience in the desired conditions.
Your Monetization tab opens when the total read and watch time for articles and videos you post for 7 days is 10,000 minutes.
You do not need a domain address to publish an article. You can share directly with your membership through Yandex Zen.
According to the latest data, the video section at Zen is becoming increasingly popular.
Currently, videos posted on the platform have reached 1 billion views per week, and about 16 million people a day use Yandex Zen.
Of course, in terms of the world, this figure is very low at the moment, but when the money making feature is turned on, we can say that this figure will rise very seriously.
In April of this year, Zen offered its users the possibility to upload up to 60 minutes of video.
Currently, the platform uploads about 10,000 videos a week and has more than 4,000 video bloggers.
In 2019, Zen paid more than 1 billion rubles to bloggers from advertising revenues it posted on articles.
However, the membership stages are very complicated and the opening of the platform in Russian is the biggest factor that makes you cool at first glance.
And the monetization feature is not available in every country. For the moment, this feature is closed to those who open the channel through Turkey.
But of course there are different ways to overcome this adversity. YouTube is a little difficult to rival this haliyele, but I must remind you.
There's a golden rule in the art of making money online.
Those who take their place early in New and growing platforms are always more advantageous than those who join later.


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