Chef Mehmet Yalcinkaya of Turkey MasterChef judges who are? Life With The Unknown

Who is Mehmet Yalçınkaya?

Mehmet Yalçınkaya is a world famous chef representing our country in the national and international arena.

There is no tolerance for the slightest loss of time, disorder and discipline in the kitchen. It has a unique and slightly irritable structure.
However, this is true for the kitchen, he is a true Istanbul gentleman in normal life, his children love animals.
and he is truly a love lover for his country.
Mehmet Yalçınkaya, who was born in 1974, was born in Bolu, that is, from the land of chefs.
He described being bollu as a chance. Because the people who love cooking first are its surroundings in Bolu. Especially his uncle.
It has grown with restaurant stories from famous places such as Istanbul, Maksim and Bebek Municipality Casino.
The chef, who received his first cookery education with his uncle at the age of 12, then completed the Istanbul Culinary Academy Human Anatomy and Digestive System Department.
It has not been easy to achieve success today. During his time abroad, he made great sacrifices.
He could not see his children because he had been working abroad for a long time and when he returned to his country, he could see that his children had grown up.
In a chef interview, Mehmet gave the formula of being a good chef as follows?
Education first. Then you need to have a good career planning, and finally you should know a foreign language. You have to learn something everywhere.
Then you need to specialize. A good chef should never copy others, be original, inspired ... If these happen, success is inevitable.
Throughout his career, he has a journey from France to Italy, from Qatar to Germany, then a hotel in Kuşadası and finally the story of his return to Istanbul.
In his long chief career, Eresin Group and Wow Hotel experiences, as well as menus prepared for the Qatar Royal Family,
Studies carried out with Marshall Carlos in France, Gastronomy Coordinator in Hetz Group in Germany and cruise kitchens in Greece.
He also worked as a Gastronomy and Kitchen Coordinator in many different parts of the world, up to Greece with Cruise.
In our country, he has been the kitchen chief of many hotels and restaurants from Bodrum to Istanbul.
The reputation of the chef has achieved numerous successes in his career outside the borders of Turkey. He worked in many organizations around the world and received awards.
In 2005, his biography and specialties were published in America's famous gourmet magazine Culinary as Trend Chef.
In 2008, Berlin-Germany World Chefs Olympics category A won the Third Place in the World.
He participated in world-class competitions with the Euroturkchefs team he founded in 2008.
Cooks Federation of Turkey in 2012 as the Team Director Turcul was second in the world Chefs in the World Olympics.
Berlin Film Festival gave gala dinners of many international organizations, including Grune Woche I.T.B Tourism Fair.
Mehmet Yalçınkaya was also selected as the "Best Chef" as a result of the popular vote of 520 thousand people.
As we said at the beginning of the article, he is a chef who loves his country. See how he answered the question of what is your biggest professional claim in an interview.
I am a man who has set his heart for Turkish gastronomy. World gastronomy goes to nature and local.
I will work to ensure that Turkish gastronomy is among the best cuisines in the world.
My claim is this; I want to give Oscar dinner with our Mesopotamian and Anatolian products.
I do not want this to be recognized by myself, but to make our Turkish cuisine known. Secondly, I want more provinces and districts in my country to be on the UNESCO list.
Gaziantep is currently on the list. This needs to be continuous. A gastronomic valley project like Tuscany of that generation like Şanlıurfa and Mardin is one of my biggest dreams.
I will be happy to work here. We need such things. There are too many cultures in this country.
There are many different things that cultures bring to this land. We can create a wonderful synthesis from different cultures and present it to the world.
This will be the salvation of Turkish gastronomy. I was saying 10 years ago, 'Turkish cuisine will be one of the top 10 cuisines of the world', but I think we are
We are heading towards the top 5.
So what is the famous chef doing now?
Mehmet Yalçınkaya, who recently managed the kitchen of Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel, the most prestigious hotel of Istanbul Anatolian Side,
He has the title of great chef, who is insatiable with awards.
Yalçınkaya, one of the founders of Bolu Professional Chefs Association, still serves as the Chairman of the Board.
Nowadays TV8 screens Masterchef program in Turkey as well as server and jury Kitchen knowledge in the world and display career lovers
shares with. It amazes everyone with its unique flavors and unique presentations.


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